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  • An institution with lucrative Placements even at the time of recession.
  • A hi-tech environment that imparts knowledge of the latest technology and skill building to operate in a globally competitive work atmosphere.
  • An institution that will initiate and encourage the maximum interface with industries and professionals on a regular basis.
  • An institute that gives you personalized care and looks after you as a human being rather than just a human doing.
  • A highly modern and professionally run institute that values and nurtures traditions and values which in turn will help us become great professionals with a sheer difference.
  • An institution or Group that has its own credibility from the faculty, right up to the directors’ profile.
  • Faculty that is indeed enviable. Faculty that can take the position of a true mentor and a role model. Faculty that doesn’t just delivers great lectures but is always ready by your side to help you challenge your limits. 
  • An institute that takes the genuine pain of buying the best equipments and accessories in lieu of old and reconditioned stuff that some how can never give the required levels of either results or satisfaction.
  • An institute that will organize top-of-the-line seminars and symposia for adequate showcasing of their own innovations and projects, as well as, sharing of the latest changes and trends in the industry.

The main reason why RCEM Aligarh stand out above the crowd –

In a scenario where new institutes are mushrooming in every nook and corner of Aligarh, it is no mean feat that RCEM Aligarh has made a Benchmark in the field of technical education. The intense focus is to provide the students world-class facilities, be it state-of-the -art labs, Wi-Fi campus, conference halls or comfortable hostels, multicuisine cafeteria, and round-the clock security for a congenial and comfortable atmosphere to the students. The Institute with a mission to produce manpower not only with academic knowledge but also grooming Industry leaders with concrete technical knowledge. Our expertise coupled with rock-solid principles, excellent infrastructure, and competent faculty members, robust teaching methodology and industrial relation placed us well. 

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