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The Department of Chemistry is a dynamic centre for research at the frontiers of chemical sciences. The emphasis at the curricular level is to give a broad coverage of all branches of chemistry in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject today.

The M.Sc. degree course has no specialization; however students take elective courses and a research project in a chosen area in the IV semester. This gives students completing the M.Sc. degree course freedom to take up research in a variety of specialized fields which range from the intersections of chemistry with biology on the one hand and with physics on the other. Within the mainstream, there is an emphasis on areas such as synthetic, supramolecular and materials chemistry, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and chemical physics, and a wide variety of subjects within the inorganic domain.

The Department of Chemistry has made notable impact on the chemical research scene and is widely acclaimed at the international and national levels. The School receives support from a large number of research grants from funding agencies like DST and CSIR, international collaborative projects and industrial projects. The School has been identified by DST for support under the new FIST programme at Level II. UGC has selected the School of Chemistry as a Centre for Advanced Studies under Special Assistance Programme effective from 1.4.2009.