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Training and Placement

Training and Placement department is dedicated towards proper placement of students .It advices students on career options and provides the latest information on training & employment opportunities. 

Focus areas are providing guidance, counseling ,and bringing students and potential employers together to acheive best possible placement , depending on the market conditions .The department looks after the interest of the students and the employers by providing them the necessary platform. 

The academic excellence is reflected in its student’s exemplary record in placements in the corporate and engineering sectors. 

RCEM Aligarh has consistently maintained an excellent recruitment record. The graduates and post- graduates have been recruited by leading corporate. This has been the main attraction for students to opt for RCEM Aligarh as the unique and prime choice during the admissions in the state.

Objectives of this department are as follows:

* Assist students to develop their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group discussion. 

* Assist students to development and implement successful job search strategies. 

* Work with faculty members, department heads and administration to integrate career planning with academic curriculum. 

* Empower students with life long career decision making skills. 

* Providing resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process. 

* Act as an interface among students, alumni, and the employment community. 

* Awareness in the students regarding future career options. 

* Assisting different companies in recruiting candidates as per their requirements. 

* Co-ordinating summer training/internship programme. 

* Bridging gap between Industry and Academia.

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